As an officer of the law for 26 years, my job became increasingly hard on my back. It got to a point where I could not even reach up without being consumedby pain. I was referred to Dr. Weaver by a friend, and I could not be happier withthe result. Within a matter of weeks I was able to do things that I couldn’t do priorto surgery. I am vibrant in what I do, and my only regret is that I waited to get myprocedure done.
Don’t live in pain when you don’t have to!

— Marty Duncan, Blairsville, GA

I have always been very active, until I was misdiagnosed. My former doctor prescribed heavy-duty steroids and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this lead to osteoporosis. I actually broke 2 vertebrae just from taking a chicken out of the oven! There were some points where I felt hopeless, but the WellStar North Fulton Pain and Spine Center really lifted my spirits. They were the first people that recommended other options. The first time I talked to Dr. Joel, Dr. Dammanna and Dr. Wada, each of them brought something new to my treatment plan.
I could not be happier with my care!

— Jody Bowles, Crabapple, GA

I started noticing pain in my lower back and left leg extending down to my calf. I couldn’t walk without having to stop and rest. The pain was that severe, so I started doing research into pain management. When I interviewed Dr. Belknap at WellStar North Fulton Hospital, I knew immediately that he was the doctor I needed. I finally felt at complete peace! I am full throttle now and I can do anything I want to, it truly has been an incredible experience.
-Ginger Millican, Cumming, GA

Over the course of my life, the muscles in my left leg slowly deteriorated. The pain started 3 to 4 years ago in my hips, and has became more and more unbearable. I sought help from WellStar North Fulton hospital at the recommendation of a friend. Since my operation, my life has gotten so much better. The constant pain is gone. Dr. Weaver and the staff at North Fulton provided me with excellent care, and I am a lot happier today because of it.
-Brett Hoffmeister, Cumming, GA